Dog Training

Whether you've got a pup that is working on learning the basics, or an older dog that's a seasoned pro, our dog training sessions can have many great benefits.


Professional Dog Training


BrownDog Lodge offers obedience classes and training for dogs at competitive prices. Our two lodges conveniently located in Germantown, TN and Memphis, TN provide several convenient training options and packages that can be customized to meet your needs. Our professional dog trainer is here to help any pet parent and their pup.

Contact our trainer Alex at for more information or to book a consultation.


Training Programs


Dog obedience training provides you and your dog structure, confidence, and respect between the owner and the dog.

Group Classes

We will be offering group dog training classes to help learn basic obedience, socialization, puppy manners, and more.

Board and Train

While they stay at our Dog Boarding facility, they will receive several daily training lessons and a lot of love.

Memphis location:

1 Week $803.0

2 Weeks $2,034.0

3 Weeks $2,998.0

4 Weeks $3,961.0

Germantown location:

1 Week $796.0

2 Weeks $2,017.0

3 Weeks $2,973.0

4 Weeks $3,929.0


When dropping your pup off at Dog Daycare, you can also get training.. This way your dog can have fun and also learn.


Dayboard and Train $107.0

Daycare and Train $107.0


Dayboard and Train $80.0

Daycare and Train $106.0


Meet Our Dog Trainer – Alex Winstead


"I am so excited to share that my passion for animals has turned into a career. I moved to Memphis from my family farm in Alabama in 2017. My commitment to animals' well-being started there.

My wonderful mother showed me the joys of training horses and dogs. We also had a small animal rescue that taught me how to connect emotionally with animals. This is a skill that has been so beneficial, and I am excited to share this knowledge with you.

I believe every breed of all ages and sizes deserves love and training. Whether you need help with basic obedience, potty training, off-leash skills, or more, I am excited to help."

Contact Alex at for more information or to book a consultation.

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Our Dog Training Approach and Philosophy


Here at BrownDog Lodge, we take a relationship-based approach to training that combines several training methods based on the science of learning theory and is supported by decades of research. This individualized approach focuses on enhancing the relationship between you and your dog and is tailored to meet your needs.

Our professional dog trainer uses positive reinforcement training techniques backed by research and our programs are designed to build confidence, reduce stress, and support a happy, healthy, trusting relationship between you and your dog.

This approach leads to a deep and meaningful bond and a well-behaved, confident, and happy dog. Contact us to schedule a free dog training evaluation.

Dog training
Dog training with treats

Dog Training FAQs


Q: What is positive reinforcement? 
A: This style of training emphasizes reinforcing desired behaviors and deemphasizes punishing undesired behaviors. The best way to stop a “bad” behavior is to replace it with a “good” behavior. This method helps to build trust and understanding between you and your dog.

Q: Where do these training sessions happen?
A: Our training program is designed to be flexible to suit you and your dog’s needs. Our trainer can come to your house, meet at the park, or even conduct the session virtually.

Q: How often should the training sessions happen? 
A: Most clients schedule sessions for once a week. If you have time to work with your dog throughout the week, this schedule works well. However, if you would like a more intensive training experience, you can schedule up to 5 sessions per week.

Q: Is there such a thing as an untrainable dog?
A: Any dog can be trained, however, there are limits. Your Pekingese will probably never be very good at agility. Your scent hound may never be able to be fully trusted off-leash. Your anxious lab may never be able to go to a dog park without pulling on the leash. What each dog is capable of learning is dependent on many factors of which you may or may not be able to control, including their breed, history, and their own unique personality. Your trainer will be able to discuss with you the best combination of training and management that is going to set your specific dog up for success.


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